Patricia Dalton

Patricia Dalton

- GCO World President Light Contact
- WKU World President Light Contact
Representative Ireland (IRL) 
- Member of the Rules Committee 

A former student of the University of Hamburg, the University of Dar Es Salaam (Business Studies) and University College Cork (Sociology) Patricia Dalton has dominated IUTF ladies sparring and patterns for ten years. She was the national competitor of the year a record 7 times and also fought for the German WKA International team. Dalton (maiden name Koniuch), has been the ladies team captain from 1997 to 2002 and again in 2004. As Chief Instructor of the Cork Institute of Technology she has coached the club to become the dominant college in Irish Taekwon Do circles. A number of her students have now become IUTF international competitors including Mr. Mark Philpott and Ms. Norma Carroll who have both earned Irish Competitor of the Year Awards. Her greatest competition win was in the joint WKA and IAKSA World Kickboxing World Championships in 2004 (while representing her native Germany) when she won the -54kg section which comprised of 56 competitors. Amazingly she was the only German to win gold in continuous sparring in all the adult weight categories (at the age of 38!). Mrs. Dalton is a senior instructor of the South West Taekwon Do Centre and head instructor of The Mallow Taekwon Do Club.

Major Achievements:
1994 IUTF Colour Belt Team Championships Gold X 2
1995 GTI Bristish Team Championships (England) Gold
1995 All Ireland Championships (Dublin) Gold, Silver
1995 Irish Universities/Colleges Championships Gold X 3 (team and 2 individual)
1996 Promoted to 1st Dan with the highest score in the grading
1996 IUTF vs GTI UK, (Cork, team) Gold1996 Cork Open Gold X 2
1996 Battle of the Champions (Dublin, team) Gold
1996 GTI British Black Belt Team Champs (England) Silver
1997 IUTF vs Wales (ITU, Cardiff, team) Gold
1997 IUTF vs Taekwon Do Ireland (team, Cork) Gold
1998 West African Open (The Gambia) Gold X 2
1998 GST Championships Gold
1998 Placed first in IUTF Instructor’s Course
1999 Nordrhein Westfalia Championships, (Germany) Gold
2000 West African Open (The Gambia) Gold
2000 AIMAA Open World Champs. (Dublin) Gold
2000 Promoted to 3rd Dan with “A” grade By Master Dave Oliver (TAGB)
2000 Munster Open Martial Arts Champs. Gold
2001 WKA World Kickboxing Champs. (Austria, -55kg) Bronze
2001 National Kickboxing Champion, Light Contact for -55kg and -60kg
2001 Open National Championships Gold
2001 Munster Open Martial Arts Championships Gold
2001 WOMAA World Games Gold, Silver
2001 WKA Kickboxing World Cup (Germany) Silver (-55kg), Silver (over 35 years)
2002 Munster Open Martial Arts Championships Gold X 2
2002 Master Choi’s Cup, (Canada) Bronze (Patterns)
2003 WKA World Championships, Gold
2004 February – Promoted to 4th dan by Master Trevor Nicholls in Cork
2004 Munster Championships, Gold
2004 GTI English Championships, Gold x 2
2004 GTI Elite Team Championships, Silver
2004 WKA Kickboxing World Cup, Germany, Gold x 2, Silver x 2
2004 WKA International German Championships, Gold x 3
2004 WKA and IAKSA joint World Kickboxing Championships, Switzerland, Gold, -54kg and Bronze in -65kg over 35 years of age.
2004 ITF World Champiosnhips, Bronze x 2
2005 Becomes WKA Vice President in charge of Light Contact section
2005 Winner The Corkman Kostel Sports Star Awards
2005 Inducted in the the Iniscarra Hall of Fame
2005 Taekwon Do International Open World Championships, Wales, Gold.
2006 ITF European Championships: Gold x 2 , Silver x 2 Vetterns) Best Overall Competitor.
2007 Promoted to 5th dan (with highest score) by Master Choi, Jung Hwa, Bulgaria

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